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On-Camera Acting

In this course, we work from classic film sides, TV commercial copy, plays (scenes or monologues), stand-up...pretty much anything you want script-wise. In the first three weeks, you'll audition with script in hand (on-book) on camera. In the second three weeks, you'll act on camera off-book (memorized). Anna will provide all scripts and copy.

We'll work in the areas of both auditioning for roles, and acting on camera. We'll work on your slate, facial angles, cheating toward the camera, etc. You'll work off of a person standing next to the camera, and then off of a person moving – to improve your focus and concentration. After watching your scene on tape, you’ll receive a lot of very helpful, constructive feedback from the coach. Then you'll have a chance to do it again, incorporating the feedback into your performance. At the end of the course, you'll receive a DVD of your work.

4 weeks, $220 total, due on first night of class. See the Schedule Page or call (520) 881-2363 for details.

Prerequisite: Acting I and Audition Technique I - Script Breakdown

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