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Diction/Speaking Voice

Diction is the correct pronunciation of words, such as "for" instead of "fer" and "your" instead of "yer" - very important in order to be properly understood. Diction is the very clean and correct pronunciation of words.

Having good diction is essential to making a great first impression. Many people get caught up in their physical appearance, and forget about the quality of their voice and their diction. Clear and correct pronunciation of words can serve you well, whether you're an actor or not.

Together we'll build a list of words specific to your diction problems, and I'll show you how to undo years of not-so-great diction habits. One thing I think actors don't realize is that if they'd had really good diction, they could have had many more callbacks - or been cast much more often. When an actor is auditioning and is hard to understand, the party's over. So, learn a whole lot about communication, and have a really good time doing it.

This course is typically taught in private sessions (1-hour sessions for $65/session, 1½-hour sessions for $95/session, or 30-minute sessions for $35/session), but if an evening course is offered, it is typically 6 or 7 weeks, $50/week as you come. You may attend all sessions, or you may sign up for one, two, or more sessions.

Remember, if you would have to miss one or even two of the nights of the group course, we could always do a make-up outside of class at your convenience.

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