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Acting for People Who Don’t Want To Be Actors

Even if you have no intention of being an actor, there are many excellent reasons for you to study some of the fascinating disciplines covered by these courses. Studying acting enhances your ability to communicate with others – in all aspects of your life. It therapeutically gets you out of yourself by requiring a high degree of concentration and focus. It brings you laughter and joy – in all courses, not just comedy improv. Studying acting helps you see things from a different perspective, and can improve your sense of empathy and compassion for others (an important trait of a good actor and a good person). It helps you psychologically analyze people, motivations, body language, etc. It also helps you gain an appreciation for what actors go through from auditioning to performing.

This "course" really means selecting from any of the other courses described here, even if you have no intention of taking it anywhere beyond this point. One of the primary advantages of studying at The Studio for Actors is my belief in creating a safe, supportive environment for the students, letting you feel free enough to pull out what you have inside of you – in front of others who are studying with you. This is a great place to experiment to find out how funny you can be, how much you can move people through your performance, etc. In this safe environment, you can have the freedom to explore your potential and have a great time doing it.

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